acwr (acwr) wrote,

50 for 50 challenge

I seriously meant to write about this back in January. 2007 is the Canadian Arts Council's 50th anniversary, and to mark that milestone they are challenging all Canadians to take part in 50 arts events this year. That's slightly less then once a week. Shouldn't be too hard, right? And their definition of an art event is very broad. There are the obvious ones like visit an art gallery, watch a play, see the symphony, the ballet, etc. Then there are the less obvious options like read a poem, sing a song, read a book, watch a Canadian film, listen to a concert on the radio, etc.
You could try looking at a painting online. (Take a look at the "Art of the Day" community on LiveJournal.)

The important thing is to get thinking about the arts in your everyday life, and to perhaps challenge yourself to try some new artform or event. Then if you're feeling truly ambitious you can go to the 50 for 50 challenge website and write about your experiences. Or use the website to get inspired by taking a look at what other Canadians are doing. If you participate (and you let the Canadian Arts Council know about it) you'll get a nifty certificate, and you can even win a t-shirt. (Take a look at their FAQ for more info).
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